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"Even with great content, a hard to navigate website can't turn visitors into customers." Website is your potential marketing tool which can bring business to you. If you want to get visitors then the most important thing to keep in mind is ease of navigation. Because if your customer can't move the first page of your website, how will they opt for your services? This is a simple fact that if you won't be presentable no one has time to decipher you.

Don't try to be over creative while providing directions in your website. There are few conventional terms and icons which should be used to give your customer ease of use. For example if you have a shopping site and in place of order you put ambiguous words it might not be deciphered by your customer and he might leave from your site without giving you even a second chance. Be careful while using terms and icons in your website. Be explicit while giving links and other terms. But don't over explain either. If you will give a two lines link then the customer might get confused. Instead, clarify the meaning with a description.

Reveal your website structure in your navigation toolbar. If your toolbar reveals the content of the entire site then it seems to have focused content. But you need to be specific while designing navigation toolbar because it should be designed according to the site type. Navigation toolbars are best suitable for web applications serving diverse user needs and preferences. A well designed navigation toolbar provides simple, fast, organized navigation.

Breadcrumb links are the best method to provide your visitors an easy way to find their way back up to any higher level. If your site doesn't have a navigation toolbar then you can have breadcrumb links. Breadcrumb is the horizontal series of text links connecting to all locations. These links help users to find all the pages they have visited.

Your pages should not have separated by more than three clicks. All the pertinent pages should come one after another in a row. This gives your visitor more time to read every page carefully. You can also provide shortcuts through site maps, table of contents and menus.

Time is precious and if your visitor is spending time in your website then let them feel they haven't wasted their time. Screen space is very important and precious, use it wisely. If you clutter with all the irrelevant links in your website it will not only look unorganized but also least desired by your visitors. Have all the pertinent links in your website, which can be utilized by your potential visitors.

Be clear in your approach. Don't put ambiguous graphic while having navigation toolbar. Being mysterious doesn't make visitors curious for your website but it might easily irritate them

Many websites provide search tool to help users navigate. It becomes essential for large websites with many pages to have well designed search tool. A search tool can give your customer all the assistance they need to know about your site. It provides every hint to your visitor. If you can adeptly assist your visitor then they become familiar with your site and will love to visit your site time and again.

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