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Dreamz Net Solutions has special expertise in catering all your needs for web based intranet projects. We provide exclusive design for all intranet-based applications. Intranet Applications gets groups on the same page with tools to enhance collaboration and communication. Web based software or communication software are the forms of intranet or extranet applications. Intranets are high security applications that helps your organization in work flow management, creating MIS Reports, generating case logs, etc., With this pre-built application you can create and manage company employees, news, events, projects, tasks, Web resources, work flow management, MIS Reports, documents and discussion forums. Intranet Application is completely Web based and customizable. Intranet applications are used in all forms of industries from Bank’s to MNC’s to BPO’s, such online applications helps you to grow your business in real time.

An intranet, extranet and VPN are empowering technologies that provides your users with an organized and effective means to access your company information. A platform independent solution, intranets can be as small or large as the community of interest.

Intranets use standard based Internet technology such as HTTP and TCP/IP. This means easy integration with your current network protocols and easy Internet publishing of selected information.

As new technologies become available it is more important to ensure that you have access to the resources it takes to implement solutions. Dynamic Webs have a wealth of experience and expertise to assist in moving your company forward to a more advanced level of electronic/digital operation. We help you to plan, implement and maintain vital network resources important to your organization.

Powerful, Easy to use, Customizable

folder-closed_32 Document Manager
The Intranet Document Manager application allows you to store, access, view, modify and manage a wide spectrum of information generated within your company. All file types, text files, HTML files, audio, and all popular MS Office documents can be stored within your company intranet.

calendar_32 Shared Calendars
Manage your schedule and keep track of your appointments and tasks by utilizing the Intranet Calendar application.  Multiple calendars can be created and shared within your organization.  Import/Export data between Outlook, Palm and the intranet calendars.

security-locked_32 Access Rights Management
The Intranet is a powerful tool that enables an organization to create, capture and share information effectively, but most importantly, in a fashion that is secure and reliable through assigning Access Rights to System Members.  Just point and click to adjust access rights.

ADiconActive Directory Synchronization
intraNET administrators can synchronize users that are located within their existing active directory database to the intraNET user database. This solves the problem of users having multiple usernames and passwords for different applications and greatly reduces administrator resources.

database_32 Data Manager
The Data Manager application allows users to create complete custom web forms that can be designed to capture data and provides an easy to use interface to manage the data that was entered into the forms.  The Data Manager can be used for many business needs.

documents_32 WYSIWYG Editor
The IntraEditor™, a dynamic integrated HTML editor that allows intranet members the ability to create documents with the assistance of various features and without the knowledge of HTML.  Update intranet pages one the fly.

mergedcalendar_32 Group Calendar
The group calendar allows you to create one screen that presents data from multiple calendars.  Each calendar is included in the legend and is color coded for easy identification.

contacts_32 Intranet Contact Manager
The Intranet Contact Manager is the application that will assist you in storing and organizing your customer and associate contact information while remaining completely mobile.  Import/Export data between Outlook, Palm and the intranet contact managers.

control-play_32 Item Routing
Within applications, pre-defined routes can be set up to control intranet workflow and track item changes.

chat_32 Opinion Polls
Create an Opinion Poll Portlet as part of a Portal page.

refresh_32 Intranet Import/Export
The Intranet Import/Export Utility allows you to quickly and easily import and export your Outlook® and Palm™ contacts and appointments.

mail_32 Web Based Email
Most companies and organizations already have a well-established e-mail system that they have grown accustomed to, so, the Intranet E-mail client application has an interface that allows all Users to access their own established POP3 and IMAP accounts rather than requiring the creation of a new separate e-mail address.

pictures_32 Image Thumbnailing
An easy to use graphic file storage area, which allows you to preview and organize your jpeg and gif images within one location.  Each image is thumbnailed for easy viewing.

chat_32 Intranet Bulletin Board
The Bulletin Board application is a centralized location to easily store and collect ideas, opinions, and suggestions within your company on important work issues and projects.

web_32 Shared Links
The Web Links Manager allows you to create and store important Web links in a central location for quick and easy access by you or others.

search_32 Full Text Search
The Search Engine is a very functional tool, as it allows you to quickly locate information anywhere within your Intranet.  Full text search is available by utilizing Oracle or MSSQL as your database.

app_notify Auto Notification
The Auto Notification System allows Intranet members to know when new items have been added to the Intranet through E-mail.  Notifications can be set up to be automatically sent when items are created, modified, moved or routed.

help_32 Online Help
The Intranet offers a complete Online Help Guide, which System Members can easily access, simply click on the Help link on the top toolbar.

edit_32 Company Memos
The built in Memo Manager allows your company to set reoccurring email memos that will be delivered at a set time and date.  These memos can also include URL links pointing to important sections and application within the Intranet.  This application increases the overall usage of the product.

user_32 Intranet User Administration
Manage your employee information, as well as control who is added to the Intranet.

group_32 Intranet Group Administration
This application allows you to arrange your system members into groups that suit your organization.

applications_32 Intranet Settings
The System Settings application allows the System Administrator, as well as other system members who have been given access, complete control over a number of system wide administrator tasks from this location.

paste_32 Intranet Statistics
The Intranet Statistics application provides a range of numerical data compiled and gathered by the system to assist in comprehending the frequency of the Intranet's use.

admin_32 Intranet Application Administration
The Application Manager allows the System Administrator, or another User who has been entrusted with the responsibility of maintaining and managing this application, to turn applications on or off within your Intranet.

network_32 External Application Launcher
The External Application Launcher enables you to access other web-based applications from one central location.

history_32 Item History Tracking
Item history provides a complete report based on the life cycle of  an item.  Every time and item is moved or modified the change is listed in the item history.
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